T.I.T.S. perform in Italy, Torino in Lavanderia a Vapore during Zerogrammi residency

We are happy to be awarded a residency in the space of Zerogrammi Dance Theatre in Torino in Italy. In the end we will perform shorter version of “Trumpets in the Sky” in beautiful and inspiring space of Lavanderia a Vapore (former female madhouse and laundry in one).

Come to see us 17th February 2016 at 21:00 in Lavanderia a Vapore in Torino.

Residency and performance was supported by Kulturradet.


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Trumpets in the Sky

Trumpets in the Sky in Klaipedos Kulturos Fabricas at festival Jauno Teatro Dienos.

Trumpets in the Sky in KlaipedaTrumpets in the Sky in Klaipeda

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tits in klaipeda

Trumpets in the Sky have been at Jauno Teatro Dienos festival in Kulturo Fabrikas in Klaipeda in Lithuania!


TITS at Jauno Teatro Dienos

This is a short cut video of the atmospheric black box specific performance created by Juli Apponen (FIN/SWE), Ann Sofie Godø (NOR), Björn Hansson (SWE), Nela Husták Kornetová (CZ), on Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad, Norway, March 2013